Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hotels in Brussels

During my short stay i have stayed in hotel la Madeleine for the other 3 days. This hotel Brussels was very centrally located and still not that expensive. I have visited the first day the most typical thing to do is visit the Grand Place and its surroundings, like Manneken Pis.

The second day i had a great visit to the Atomium, build for the EXPO of '58 and Mini-Europe just on the bottom of the Atomium. For dinner in Brussels there are numerous options so just keep one eye open during the day to find a good place to eat during the evening.

The third day i wandered around the city and it's busy shoppingstreets. Quite fun to look at the Belgian people, they are quite different than me.

The fourth i moved to my de luxe hotel in Brussels and i must say that was a terrible good treat, i liked it very much. Too bad it was only for one day cause the next day i moved from my hotel in Brussels to the beautiful and romantic city of Bruges.

Best places to stay in Brussels

I found a few hotels Brussels to be most interesting while visiting the ciy. First of all i saw the very cheap hotel The Moon, close to where i was staying. Another very beautiful and good place to stay is the Sheraton Brussels. and maybe even more luxurious than the stanhope hotel is hotels Brussels in each price range.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Hotels in Bruges

Up to Bruges

Bruges as some suggest the most romantic and medieval town of Europe, and i do understand where that idea is coming from. This city in the norht of Belgium and quite close to the sea, which was the major reason of its important place in history.

The Zwin was a gateway to open sea which degraded year after year during the middle ages, untill there was no possibiliy anymore to make port in Bruges. The remainders of the Zwin are still to be found in knokke. Might be an idea to stay one night in a hotel in Knokke or a hotel in Blankenberge or maybe even a hotel in Oostende to visit the beautiful coast of Flanders.

As i was saying, Bruges is now still like the city it was 600 years ago, burstling with life and ... tourists. This city accomodates yearly millions of tourist but i must say the city is completely prepared for it and you won't have the feeling it is to busy.

There are numerous sites to visit all over the town so tourists are spread evenly over the city. Just as in Brussels I choose for a budget hotel in Brugge for 2 nights and 1 night in a beautiful luxury hotels Bruges. as a De Luxe hotel in Brugge i choose hotel Die Swaene located just of the old market and next to one of the many canals in this city.

As a budget hotel in Brugge my eyes fell on hotel het Voermanshuys in Bruges which has an equal great location but is of course not a luxe hotel in Brugge.

There are numerous hotels in Bruges which makes it quite difficult to decide about the perfect hotel Bruges. It all depends on how much money you are able to spend. This city offers badly enough no 5 star hotels but most of the 4 star hotels in Bruges are that good that it doesn't really matter that Bruges has no 5 star hotels.

Almost all hotels in Brugge are situated within the old city centre thus walking distance from your hotels brugge is never much. I personally found my stay in Bruges to short in comparison to my stay in Brussels, i should have stayed about 2 days in Brussels and move to a hotel Brugge for 5 days. This would have made it possible to really visit the town.

I must say that i was pleasantly surprised cause my hotels Brugge where of the finest i visited. A hotel in Brugge even the cheapest ones are well worth there money.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Visit Antwerp

Next stop: Antwerp

After my 3 day visit to Bruges i moved to a hotel in Antwerp. To badly that Antwerp was a bit of a disappointment to me. Don't get me wrong, Antwerp is a great city and there are many great hotels in Antwerp, but it is just not my thing. I stayed for one day in the luxury hotel Antwerp, the Hilton hotel in Antwerpen.

And found a great stay in a budget hotel in Antwerp ( hotel Elzenveld in the city centre ). There are not that many de luxe hotels in Antwerpen, so my choice was very limited so i went for the big name. Goedkope hotels in Antwerpen are much easier to find as there are many options. Antwerp is a city for the shoppers amongst us and businessmen of course, i do not belong to any of those categories so to bad i choose this as a third location.

I stayed 2 days in a hotels Antwerpen and went then back to the coast what i should have done immediately. I still was lucky that both hotels in Antwerpen at least weren't a disappointment.